Tuesday, 23 February 2016 00:37

A Lesbian Student Pushed Her School To Change

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Last year, an openly lesbian student in Northern California, Taylor Victor, was forced to leave school after the officials have notified that wearing her t-shirt "Nobody knows I'm a lesbian" was a violation of the dress code of the institution, up to say that it was also a promotion of sexuality, gang violence and personal choices. But after she sued two school officials, things are finally back to normal.

The Vice Principal Greg Leland of the Sierra High School asked her to stop wearing this t-shirt as it "displays her "sexuality" on clothing."

Later, Assistant Principal Dan Beukelman also said that wearing this t-shirt was “promoting sex” and was even an “open invitation to sex.”

Following this, Taylor and her mother, helped by the ACLU, had decided to sue the two school officials.

Ultimately, Taylor was finally allowed to wear her shirt. The school has even taken “reasonable measures to protect [Taylor] from any known harassment or bullying by other students or any district employee” and decided to change its dress code, although Taylor was instead supported by other students.

Taylor concluded the case by claiming to be very happy with the result:

“I’m very proud of who I am,” she wrote. “That’s the whole reason I wore that shirt.

“And it’s the reason I’ll keep wearing it — because after months of fighting this censorship battle, we won.”

Photo by Bethany Woolman