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Tuesday, 23 August 2016 23:12

A Lesbian Woman Sues Paramus Catholic High School After Being Fired Because Married To A Woman

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kate Drumgoole court


Last Friday Kate Drumgoole (on the right) and her wife were in court to defend their rights after Kate was dismissed from the Paramus Catholic High School in New Jersey because she is married to a woman.

Kate has worked hard all her life to get to where she had come, she was the dean of the guidance department and head coach of the women's basketball team. She therefore occupied a position of responsibility she loved and overnight she was fired.

"We did nothing but fall in love with each other and exercise our rights," she told ABC7. "I was brought in, called in for a meeting on a snow day actually, and given a letter saying that I was terminated immediately."

She had spoken in no case of her private life at the school because she thinks you have to separate work and private life.

In fact the problem occurred after her sister posted pictures on social networks on which you could see Kate and her wife.

Facing the judge, the couple based their arguments on the fact that the school did not meet the state's anti-discrimination law because even if it is a religious school, she had not a position of religious instruction but rather an administrative one and she was a sports coach.

The school, meanwhile, also based its arguments on the anti-discrimination law, which allows some religious freedom.

The judge hearing their case must take his decision early this week, and his decision could serve as a precedent in the state of New Jersey.

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