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Wednesday, 23 November 2011 00:14

A Letter Compared Gay Parents To Prostitutes And Serial Killers

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A student of Brigham Young University wrote a letter called Crimes against nature in the newspaper of the campus in which he compared a gay parent to a prostitute or to a serial killer. Attention, bigotry in sight!

According to an Associated Press, the letter was part of an ongoing discussion about Modern Family, a TV sitcom which depicts a gay couple who have adopted a child. The discussion was started by a letter in which Alex Hairston, from Provo, Utah, quoted a friend who told him that "he would rather pay extra taxes in order for a child to be brought up in an orphanage or foster care rather than to be adopted by a gay couple."

In an answer on November 17th, Taylor Petty from Raleigh, NC wrote: "Just as if we wouldn’t want a child to grow up with a prostitute for a mother or a serial killer for a father, we shouldn’t accept a lesbian, gay or transgender parental model for young people."

"As prophets have said for four thousand years, sodomy is a disgusting sin we can’t accept."

Of course, LGBT students reacted and created a flyer that they put inside the November 18th issue:

"Gay students are in every classroom, every ward and every apartment complex at BYU and we want to reach out in love to help you better understand. The attitude represented by these articles reopens wounds that Christ died to heal. … The task of any religion is not to teach us who we are entitled to hate, but who we are required to love."

To protest, certain actions were thus conducted. For exemple, "one student took a flyer to work to put up on the wall of the Writing Center. When he got there, there was already one up. Dozens of students returned to thank those passing out fliers for their work. One of them spoke about how important it was for her because her brother is gay. Students rose up in classes all around campus and read the flyer to their classmates."

Finally, the managing editor Joel Campbell removed the homophobe letter from the Daily Universe website.

"The Daily Universe has removed the letter originally published here after several readers complained about its tone and approach to homosexuality," Campbell wrote on the new webpage substituting for where the letter was once displayed.

"We agree that the letter did not represent the standards of our sponsoring institution or our university community including the recent statement in the LDS Church Handbook of Instruction: 'While opposing homosexual behavior, the Church reaches out with understanding and respect to individuals who are attracted to those of the same gender.' The letter published in the Daily Universe did not represent the kind of understanding and respect that should accompany dialog on this issue. We regret that the letter was ever published."


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