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Thursday, 18 November 2010 15:40

A New Law Will Allow Same-Sex People To Visit Their Partner In Hospital

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A new rule will allow hospital patients to choose their visitors which means that same-sex partners will finally have a right to visit in the United States.

This new rule will come into force in about 60 days. This change is one of the changes that President Obama wanted to do after hearing stories of LGBT people who could not be with their partners and even at the end of their lives.

Hospitals will now meet two things:

-First, they will write their policies, including visitation rights which include the right for a lesbian person to visit her partner.

-and then they must inform patients of their right to choose their visitors.

No documentation is required, no need to prove your relationship with the patient. The only reason a hospital may request specific documents, of course, is if the patient cannot make a decision because he/she is unconscious.

Ken Choe, deputy general counsel for the Health and Human Services, added that people can lodge complaints against hospitals that don't comply with this rule.

Finally things are changing a bit, at least with the part of the hospital which was very cruel.


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