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Monday, 02 May 2011 21:37

A Rally Against 'Don't Say Gay' Bill

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In Tennesse, a rally was organized following the bill of a legislator, senator Stacey Campfield, wishing to ban educators from teaching children about homosexuality.

The rally took place Thursday in Oak Ridge to oppose this discriminatory proposal.

"Not talking about this issue hides it and makes it worse," said Katherine Carow, an Oak Ridge High School junior and vice president of the school's Gay Straight Alliance.

Oak ridger Oak ridger reports that "rally organizers had expected a vote on the bill, SB 49, in the Tennessee Senate on Thursday, but it has been delayed a week. In the meantime, rally organizers urged people to call their state senators to oppose the bill.

Teachers, students, parents, clergy, and community leaders gave short speeches and held signs with slogans such as "Stand on the Side of Love" and "It's okay to say gay."

To be continued…



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