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Friday, 19 April 2019 23:47

A record number of lesbian mayors are elected throughout the United States

Written by 

Lori Lightfoot


This year, it is a record number of gay women who were elected mayors of American cities, and other lesbian candidates are still in the race.

Annise Parker had become the first lesbian mayor of Houston from 2010 to 2016. Since then, other gay women have also been elected:

At the beginning of April, she was joined by:

  • Lori Lightfoot (top picture) who became mayor of Chicago, making the city the largest one to have elected an LGBT person
  • And Madison, Wisconsin replaced the outgoing incumbent Paul Soglin by Satya Rhodes Conway

The list could still be enlarged as other lesbian candidates are still in the race.

Jolie Justus in Kansas City, Missouri, and Jane Castor in Tampa, Florida, came to the top of the first round of mayoral voting.

Jane has already received many important supports before the end of the elections that will take place on April 23rd in Tampa.

Beyond a wave of lesbians, it is a wave of women who have been breaking up since the beginning of the year. Whether they are running to be mayor, city councilor or for the Presidency of the United States, it is a record number of women who are committed to politics.

“This is a change election,” says Annise Parker, president of Victory Fund, which helps LGBT candidates, referring to Lightfoot’s victory. “This is citizens wanting someone perceived as an outsider. Frankly, that’s often when women ascend.”

satya rhodes conway

A’shanti Gholar, political director for Emerge America, which recruits and trains Democratic women candidates said: “It really does matter when you see other women who are running.”

“It does inspire other LGBTQ women to get out there and do it,” she added.

I look forward to the results of the elections that are still underway!


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