Saturday, 12 February 2011 00:32

A Senator In Maryland Reconsidered His Position On Gay Marriage

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There is some change inside Baltimore. Even if recently the democrats said they were still against gay marriage, the Senator James Brochin declared that he supports the bill.

"The demonization of gay families really bothered me," Brochin said. "Are these families going to continue to be treated by the law as second class citizens?"

24 votes are needed to pass the law and according to the Baltimore Sun, "twenty senators have said they will support the bill.

Brochin said he would prefer to see Maryland approve civil unions and plans to offer the alternative as an amendment in committee. He acknowledged that he does not have the votes."

Because of a reshuffling of the participants in the committee this year, defenders of gay marriage have, for the first time, the votes to bring the question to the Senate.