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Friday, 27 January 2012 23:14

A Shop Refused To Print Pro-Gay T-Shirts Made By A Lesbian Teen

Written by 

Bailee Webb

The shop Rod’s Sporting Goods refused to print pro-gay shirts to a young lesbian student.

Bailee Webb, 17, openly lesbian and president of Gay-Straight Alliance at Blue Springs South High School, wanted to made a T-Shirt for her club.

She found a slogan: Why is it that as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?

Then her principal accepted the design and she ordered them. A clerk working for the shop said her order will be ready in a week. According to Kansas City Star, the owner of the shop Rod Lindemann refused to print these shirts. For him, to print this slogan means he accepts gays and lesbians. Later in an interview, Lindemann explained: "I am a man who walks my faith. God calls me to love all, but he doesn’t call me to be comfortable with things that I don’t see as God-pleasing… I won’t sell out for a dollar."

Of course, Bailee found another shop and did not hesitate to send and e-mail to Lindermann saying: "I respect your decision, even if I do not agree with it, and I’m sorry that the Blue Springs South GSA and many other clubs here at South cannot and no longer will be doing business with you."

Congratulations to Bailee who didn't get thrown by this homophobe.


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