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Sunday, 24 February 2013 03:35

ACLU Considers Rhode Island Civil Unions 'A Fiasco'

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After 2 months, civil unions are a fiasco in Rhode Island as said the ACLU.

It was foreseeable that the law would be a failure, it indeed passed just after equality marriage law was rejected.

According to census figures reported by The Providence Journal, The Providence Journal, Rhode Island had just over 3,600 same-sex households in 2010. But the Rhode Island chapter of the ACLU said just 14 gay or lesbian couples have gotten civil unions since they became legal.

The ACLU released a report Monday: Two Months of Civil Unions in Rhode Island: Already Time for a Divorce?Two Months of Civil Unions in Rhode Island: Already Time for a Divorce?

The ACLU asks the General Assembly to give to gay and lesbians couples the right to marry.


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