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Monday, 02 October 2017 23:55

ACLU Michigan files a lawsuit against the "religious freedom" law

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aclu michigan


The ACLU of Michigan filed a lawsuit against the state and its "religious freedom" law.

In 2015, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill into law that allows "religious freedom" and so discrimination of LGBT people.

The American Civil Liberties Union represent two same-sex couples denied service by Catholic adoption agencies.

They also represent a woman raised in foster care who believes she would have been unable to find a home placement if the law were in place years ago.

"The State’s practice of allowing religious-based exclusions of prospective foster and adoptive parents reduces placement options for the most vulnerable children," the complaint says. "As a result, some children may be placed with families that are less well-suited to meet their needs, some children may be separated from siblings and some children may age out of foster care without ever becoming part of a family."

The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Adoption Program Statement, aka Publication 225, says the agency "will not discriminate against any individual or group because of race, religion, age, national origin, color, height, weight, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, political beliefs or disability."

The trial says that this policy is not respected under the "religious freedom" law allowing discrimination of LGBT people.

The verdict of this trial will be important. It could be an example and other challenges could be launched in other states allowing "religious freedom" such as Virginia, Texas, Alabama and Mississippi.


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