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Thursday, 11 January 2018 17:26

After transgender troops, Trump could remove protections for transgender inmates

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trans inmates


This new year began with a huge victory for the transgender community. For the first time, trans people can openly serve in the US military. But President Trump could now attack transgender prisoners.

In early 2018, the transgender community will have celebrated a victory by getting the right to serve openly in the military. Trump administration will have done everything to block the policy. But it lost the battle.

Now Trump could take it out on transgender prisoners. The guidelines state that prison administrations must respect trans inmates and ensure their safety. They can organize a transfer to prisons matching the inmate's gender. It's a decision on a case-by-case basis.

These guidelines are being evaluated by the Department of Justice. 473 transgender prisoners could be affected.

This follows the complaint of four Evangelical Christian women detained in a Texas prison. They claim to be in danger in the presence of "male" inmates.

The far-right Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom supports these four women. In 2012, the group issued the Prison Rape Elimination Act calling for trans inmates to be placed in prisons following their sex at birth.


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