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Monday, 06 November 2017 22:58

Anti-LGBT judge at Kentucky Family Court was dismissed for discrimination

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Judge W Mitchell Nance


Kentucky Family Court Judge W. Mitchell Nance was forced to resign from his position for discrimination against LGBT families. He thinks that LGBT parents aren't good for a child. A complaint filed led to his resignation after his refusals in cases of adoption.

"Under no circumstance would... the best interest of the child... be promoted by the adoption... by a practicing homosexual," is the opinion of Judge Nance.

After refusing to hear adoption proceedings involving LGBT parents, Lambda Legal, the ACLU of Kentucky, Kentucky’s Fairness Campaign, and the University of Louisville Law Professor Sam Marcosson filed a lawsuit against him.

The complaint states that the judge was unfair and demonstrated a prejudice based on sexual orientation. This complaint required that Judge Nance be immediately removed from office in violation of the Kentucky’s Code of Judicial Conduct.

"Judge Nance could not be fair and impartial and rule in the best interests of children when he declares an explicit bias against LGB parents. Judge Nance’s order eroded the public’s confidence in the court and demonstrated a prejudice based on sexual orientation that places a procedural burden on LGB parents that is not on other individuals. Because it was clear that he could not be fair and impartial when it comes to lesbian, gay, and bisexual people, the advocacy groups urged in the complaint that Judge Nance be removed from office," the complaint argued.

These discriminated LGBT families have been given justice since Judge Nance has been dismissed from the Kentucky Family Court.


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