Wednesday, 09 April 2014 23:55

Anti-LGBTQ Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act Was Approved And Signed

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That does not go well in Mississippi where a religious freedom law will prevent the LGBTQ community from reaching the service companies of the State, including the medical departments.

As The Guardian explains it, the Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act specifies that “exercise of religion” includes “the ability to act or the refusal to act in a manner that is substantially motivated by one's sincerely held religious belief”. It allows state authorities to jeopardise this only when they have an “interest of the highest magnitude that cannot otherwise be achieved”.

Thus, as analysts for the Human Rights Campaign said, pharmacists in Mississippi would be entitled under the new law to refuse to provide hormone replacement therapy drugs or even HIV medication to people whose sexual orientation offended their religious standpoint.

In short, any service firm could refuse to accommodate, serve, lodge, marry, help a pregnant woman if being part of the LGBTQ community.

The law was signed by Governor Phil Bryant and will thus come into force on July 1st.