Thursday, 15 February 2018 01:17

Arizona could become the tenth state to ban "conversion therapies" to LGBT minors

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In Arizona, a Democratic senator introduced a bill to ban the practice of conversion therapy on LGBT minors. The state could become the tenth to ban these anti-gay "cures".

Senator Sean Bowie, a Democrat from Phoenix, introduced Senate Bill 1160, which would prohibit mental-health professionals from attempting to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of a minor. It would apply "regardless of the willingness of the (minor) or the person's parent or legal guardian to authorize the conversion therapy."

If this bill is approved, Arizona would become the tenth state to implement such a ban.

"This bill aims to protect LGBTQ teenagers from a practice that really is harmful," Bowie said.

A survey conducted by Hart Research Associates in December 2017 revealed that 59% of Arizona voters back the ban, while 20% oppose it.

Pima County has recently approved a similar measure. It is time for the state to do the same.