Friday, 16 May 2014 15:55

Arkansas Marriage Equality Ban Was Overturned Again

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As I told you a few days ago, a federal judge overturned the marriage equality ban in Arkansas. Following this decision, the Attorney General had announced that he would appeal it.

And well, after the Arkansas's Supreme Court has decided to cancel the ruling, the same federal judge overturned the prohibition of marriage equality again.

The first ruling repealing the marriage equality ban in Arkansas missed clearness because it did not specify if the counties could immediately issue same-sex marriage licenses or if the ruling was going to be stayed while waiting for the appeal, as in the other States.

As a result, the state's Supreme Court could not confirm the decision of judge Chris Piazza and decided to cancel it.

But nothing stops judge Piazza who has, as of the following day, overturned the ban again by specifying this time that all the prohibition of the state relating to the equal marriages was repealed.

He refused at the same time a new request asking him to stay his ruling.

"The same cannot be said of the plaintiffs and other same-sex couples who have not been afforded the same measure of human dignity, respect and recognition by this state as their similarly situated, opposite sex counterparts," he said.

"A stay would operate to further damage Arkansas families and deprive them of equal access to the rights associated with marriage status in this state."

The same-sex marriages are thus again possible in Arkansas!