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Wednesday, 08 March 2017 18:06

Arkansas Senate approves the request to amend the United States Constitution to ban equal marriage again

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The Republican Senate of Arkansas approved a measure against marriage equality by a 19-9 vote.

This measure not only goes against same-sex marriage in Arkansas but also throughout the country. It seeks to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman again.

As reported by the Associated Press, opponents of equal marriage wants to add an amendment to the United States Constitution which says: "Nothing in this Constitution or in the constitution or laws of any state may define or be construed to define marriage except as the union of one man and one woman, and no other union shall be recognized with legal incidents thereof within the United States or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

This would nullify the legalization of marriage equality.

But the process requires 34 legislatures to agree with an appeal, and 38 legislatures to approve the amendment. So it's a very long process.


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