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Wednesday, 03 December 2014 16:36

At Affordable Wedding Minister, They Don't Plan Marriages Between Same-Sex People

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Crystal Allen Kenyata White


The other week, I shared with you the fact that a company which hosts wedding ceremonies was sentenced to pay a fine for a lesbian couple following a discriminating act, the company had refused to accept them. Just when we turn the page of this story, we followed for two years, a similar story occurs in Phoenix, Arizona! WTF!

Crystal Allen and Kenyata White chose to plan their wedding, but the business owner Susan Latimer refused their request when she realized it was a couple of women. The company had been apparently working for several weeks on their wedding without even interested in their clients.

"We are very uncomfortable with same-sex marriage as it is directly against our beliefs," she told the couple via email. "We would not be a very good fit."

But, since February 2013, there is a nondiscrimination ordinance which protects LGBT people in Phoenix. It also protects "any religious or denominational institution or organization."

Susan and her husband Al are both Non- Denominational Ministers though Christian Glory Church, they organize religious as civil marriages, but their business is not clearly described as a religious organization.

The couple said they did not plan to sue the company but they would have liked mentions on its website that they don't work with same-sex couples.

Note that when a federal judge repealed the marriage equality ban in Arizona, the owner of saw this as an act that “goes directly against God’s laws” and that is a “war on those who believe in Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.”

Photo from Azcentral


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