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Monday, 07 December 2015 22:46

Attorney Mary Bonauto Was Honored After Her Support For The Legalization Of Marriage Equality

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mary Bonauto


After the legalization of marriage equality on all American States, it is also important to say thank you to those who helped us to get this right and that's what happened in Maine where Mary Bonauto was honored.

At the annual Legends Dinner of the Maine Trial Lawyers Association, attorney Mary Bonauto has received a lot of appreciation for leading the fight for equal marriage. She was among those who argued in favor of the law before the Supreme Court. She also led the fight in Massachusetts who became the first state to legalize the marriage equality.

"I am really lucky to have been able to play the roles I've played," said Bonauto. "I freely acknowledge that I've had some unusual opportunities here, but I want to be really clear that the achievements we've made happen with the work of millions of millions of people."


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