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Back On The Tragedy Of Orlando - A Campaign To Help The Families Of The Victims - Paris Is Thinking Of Orlando

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In the night from Saturday to Sunday a terrible tragedy happened in the United States and hit our community. You have surely heard about it, a man entered with an automatic weapon in an LGBT club in Orlando, Florida and started shooting at everyone.

This is the first terrorist attack committed on US soil by ISIS which has officially recognized it, according to a journalist and a specialist of the jihadist movement Wassim Nasr, ISI never recognized attack it was not the perpetrator, this is also why President Obama immediately used the words "terrorism" and "hate crime", which was not the case after the attack of San Bernardino.

Of course, the investigation will give us more precision in the weeks and months ahead, but I just wanted to make this clarification because I read tweets from people who describe the attack as a hate crime and refuse to acknowledge that this is a terrorist attack-both because the attacker was American and because it seems they minimize what just happened because the target was the LGBTQ community.

I recall that Belgian terrorists participated in Brussels bombings in March, French terrorists had participated in attacks in January and November 2015. It is a jihadist method to find locals to lead the attack. This method was actually codified by ISIS in small books that are easily searchable online.

The American terrorist profile was perfect: a very violent man, his ex-wife recounted the ordeal she suffered, between the beatings and rape; a man who worked in one of the largest US security company; and finally a very homophobic man.

49 victims are to be deplored, and there are still many wounded people who will have to undergo numerous surgeries in the weeks and months ahead. Equality Florida has launched a campaign to help finance such as hospital fees or any other fees thereafter, so please give what you can and share the campaign link on social networks, it is important:

Note that another man provides with weapons and explosives was arrested in Santa Monica, he planned an attack Sunday against our people attending the LGBTQ Pride of Los Angeles.

You can read "We Are Thinking Of You" on the Eiffel Tower.

Many celebrities and politicians around the world paid tribute to the victims, the Eiffel Tower even took the colors of the community as you can see. We are thinking very much of those who have passed away. It is still Pride Month and I believe more than ever, we are proud to be LGBTQIA. We will continue to go out to clubs, marching in the streets, we will continue to fight for equality, for more visibility and will continue to educate. ISIS just lost control of key cities it occupied until now in Syria, Libya and Iraq. We move forward, ISIS retreats.

Photo 1 from the Hearald Scotland