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Tuesday, 06 October 2015 16:22

Because Her Moms Are Lesbian, A Five-Year-Old Girl Was Expelled By The Mt. Erie Christian Academy

Written by 

Sheena LaShaune



Just before the start of the new school year, a five-year-old girl was expelled from kindergarten at a school in San Diego, California under the pretext that she has two moms.

As reported by the Daily Mail, administrators of Mt. Erie Christian Academy called on both moms, Sheena and LaShaune, to tell them that their daughter would not be allowed in the classroom because the school does not «condone homosexuality.»

It seems that this decision had surprised the couple because their daughter had attended preschool and summer camps at the same school.

Mt. Erie academy is a religious private school and clearly states in its policy that gays, lesbians or people of «alternative gender» are not welcome in the school.

The policy states that any application may be refused if the applicant or the student is «living in, condoning or supporting sexual immorality; practicing homosexual lifestyle or alternative gender identity; promoting such practices; or otherwise having the inability to support the moral principles of the school.»

Of course the fact that Sheena and LaShaune are quite respectable people, working both in the US Navy and are Christian, will not change anything.

«I want my baby to be safe when she grows up. I don't want her to ever have to be discriminated against because of her lifestyle,» Sheena said.

The couple could file a complaint, but I doubt they can get anything as the school is private. Nevertheless, this is what San Diego attorney Eugene Iredale said: «Now the question is where do you draw the line? If you have a religion that believed in human sacrifice or amputation of the arm or the hand for theft, would we permit that in the interest of permitting the free practice of one’s religion? I don’t think so, and one could argue that psychologically… this is as devastating to the little 5-year-old girl as some of those other vicious practices.»

Photo by KGTV


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