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Wednesday, 06 July 2011 21:16

Bill To Repeal Gay Marriage May Never Be Passed In New Hampshire

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A worrying bill in New Hamphire to repeal gay marriages could be studied at the beginning of the next year. This law could not only blocked new marriages but also gay and lesbian couples who are already married in the state.

However, the Republican state David Bates, at the origin of this legislation, starts to have doubts and he is not sure his bill will passe anymore especially after the legalization of the gay marriage in New York.

"The effect of us turning back (our) law may have given the Republicans who abandoned their party position in New York pause," Bates said to an Associated Press.

The director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, Andy Smith, even added that "the big thing is that as time goes by other states pass this legislation and we see that there's not been any significant changes in the way the world works, and in New Hampshire there's not been significant issues or problems that have come up because of it that a lot of people's fears about legalizing gay marriage just aren't there. They haven't been realized so people don't worry about it."


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