Wednesday, 18 January 2012 00:32

Binational Lesbian Couple Is Waiting To Know If They Will Be Separated

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Violeta and Sujey Pando are currently waiting to know if they will be separated or not.

Married in Iowa in 2010, Sujey is Mexican and Violeta is American.

Denver WestWord reports Sujey came to the United States as a teenager, but was thrown out of her house when she revealed that she was gay. However, her history of abuse began long before that; Sujey's attorney, Lavi Soloway, says it started when she was an infant in Mexico.

"This woman has been through hell and back," he says. "She has transformed herself from all of that."

She now has a stable relationship with Violeta, whom she met at a gay bar in 2006. She follows the law and acts as a caretaker for a friend who was badly injured in an accident, he says.

As the United States does not recognize their union in a federal way and as, unlike to straight binational couples, the defense of marriage act (DOMA section 3) does not give the right to stay to live in United States, Sujey could be deported. A judge will decide if she can stay in United States with her wife or not. Her case is fortunately part of the 7,800 Denver cases which will be reviewed by a judge because "ICE director John Morton issued a memo last year, urging "prosecutorial discretion" in certain immigration cases, such as those of young immigrants hoping to go to college and those of immigrants who are married to U.S. citizens."

Currently Sujey is waiting for her last hearing in the court.