Monday, 09 December 2013 23:06

Chattanooga's Law Allowing Benefits For Employees' Partners Is Blocked

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We are unfortunately back in the city of Chattanooga where the ordinance which allowed benefits to domestic partners of city employees was blocked by a conservative group.

In spite of the City Council's vote, its opponents managed to get the 4,500 necessary signatures to push the Council to vote the ordinance again or to let the citizens vote on this law in a referendum.

The measure is thus currently suspended until the Council vote the ordinance next month again.

According to the Times Free Press, Council Chairman Yusuf Hakeem said he doesn’t expect any council members will vote differently upon reconsideration of the ordinance. On first reading, the ordinance was approved by a 5-4 vote. On the final vote, because one member was absent, it was approved by a 5-3 vote. That means the issue would go to a public vote, likely during Hamilton County’s next general election, scheduled for August 2014.