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Thursday, 24 February 2011 16:37

Christian Website Blame Us For NZ Earthquake

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You have probably all heard about the terrible earthquake which happened in New Zealand recently, a Christian website qualified this as being a revenge of God for the “amoral” behavior of gays and lesbians.

I'm not kidding, I have just read that, website based in Utah, United States, made a list of incidents which took place following the earthquake and (of course) they defined that all that was the fault of gays and lesbians.

To give you an example, there was a fire pouring out pouring out of the Pike River Mine ventilation shaft and it caused the death of 29 men so 13 children became orphaned. For ChristchurchQuake, it was a revenge for the lesbian paedophiles:

“The fire on the left is pouring out of the Pike River Mine ventilation shaft. The explosion orphaned 23 children, and killed 29 men. It happened in the heartland of NZ’s Labour Party, in the West Coast Mining area of the South Island. Why? Because the wicked, wicked women, who headed NZ’s Labour Party, conspired to orphan a little refugee girl – a little girl those lesbian paedophiles wanted to molest. The punishment was measure for measure – they tried to make an orphan of a little girl, so a Divine curse made orphans of 23 children in Labour’s heartland. The men who died were not guilty of the conspiracy to murder a child. But they could see what was going on, what had happened to the Labour Party. Anyone could see it – the squadron of butch women, with deep voices, dressing like men, walking like men, talking like men, taking lesbian lovers, who had taken over NZ’s Labour Party.”

They even added that “the miners were not guilty of child murder – but the whole of New Zealand was guily of turning a blind eye to the evil, to the perversion that was governing the country. A Labour Party was meant to be about protecting hardworking families. It is not meant to be a ‘fag and hag’ club for perverts, who want to exploit the rest of the population, and to molest and prey upon their children. Like it or not, Pike River was God’s answer — the whole country was judged guilty, and judgement began in the heartland of the party that let itself be taken over by perverts, paedophiles and murderers.”

And they informed and we have to take care, that we should not “tempt fate and risk another quake.”

“The morning of the Christchurch earthquake was the opening of ‘Gay Ski Week’. The highlight of the week was a party featuring two of NZ’s ugliest and butchest lesbians as the main event in Queenstown. Squadrons of ‘imports’ were to have been brought in for the week — from Sydney’s now booming gay and lesbian area around Oxford St, between the CBD and Kings Cross.”

A ramassi of bullsh***, isn't it?

Did you already hear of lesbian pedophilia cases? I didn't but paedophiles bishop,... I did !

And seriously they should raise the question about what it defines as being the evil. Because who propagates the evil, us wearing pants or skiing or people who wrote this sh** to share it?

“This sort of homophobic attitude generally comes from religious people who are subscribing to a Mid-Western USA frame of thought which is fearful of the world. It has its roots in a fear of what they see as a series of evils which are destroying what seems to them to have once been a comfortable 19th century kind of world. They see gays and lesbians as a threat to family life and fear lesbians in particular, as for them all submissiveness to a male authority figure has gone.” said Peter Lineham, Associate Professor of History at Massey University, in an interview with GayNZ.

Jay Bennie, editor of GayNZ, said: “I think it’s despicable, I think it’s appallingly insensitive, not only to gays and lesbians but to the suggestion that the people of Christchurch, by embracing gays and lesbians to certain degrees in their society, have brought this upon themselves. It’s cruel and vindictive in the city’s hour of need. We are pretty disgusted about it and find it hard to understand how humane people could do this sort of thing. I would ask them to consider the lives of people in Christchurch and not use tragedy as a further opportunity to stir up hatred against gay and lesbian people.”

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