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Wednesday, 09 March 2011 00:00

Civil Union Bill Passed A First Step in Colorado

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There it is, finally Colorado passed a bill allowing the civil unions.

Admittedly, the course of this law is not finished yet. It will be necessary for it to pass to the state senate appropriations committee before being voted by the full senate but it is already a first step.

This bill provides many protections specialy legal protections as inheritance, survivorship rights, medical decision-making and on parental responsibility establishing procedures of adoption of stage-parent as applicable to the married couples. Finally, it also gives the possibility to divorce.

The Judiciary Committee vice-chair and senator, lesbian, Lucía Guzmán expressed her hope: “I’m cautiously optimistic, I think the more we are able to speak to people on both sides, the more people might understand that this is a justice issue, that it’s a legal issue.”

It is quite obvious that the civil unions are good but this also means no marriage equality.


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