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Monday, 12 August 2013 22:24

D.C. Mayor Signed The Birth Certificate Equality Amendment Act And The Marriage Officiant Amendment Act

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 vincent gray


Two bills awarding the LGBTQ community more rights have just been signed by D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray.

First of all, the JaParker Deoni Jones Birth Certificate Equality Amendment Act of 2013 which allows trans* people to change their birth certificate even if they do not undergo gender reassignment surgery, what the law previously demanded, was signed.

"By signing the birth certificate equality amendment into law, my administration continues to meet the needs of all of our residents so that they may work, live and thrive in safe communities free from stigma and discrimination, which is a goal shared by all of us," Gray said.

"We know that something such as a birth certificate not only validates the gender identity or expression of transgender individuals but it also provides them the opportunity they should have been guaranteed in the first place – especially around such issues of employment and housing," he added.

Now any transgender just has to provide "a written request and a signed statement from a licensed healthcare provider that the individual has undergone a gender transition” to change the gender on a birth certificate."

Then the second bill signed by D.C. Mayor and called the Marriage Officiant Amendment Act is a bill which concerns the marriages officiants including same-sex marriages.

With this bill, it is not necessary any more to send for judges, licensed clergy, or court-appointed officiants to perform a marriage ceremony. Yes, this bill allows to choose any adult to perform it. This person will be regarded as a "temporary officiant". That also means that a couple could perform its own marriage ceremony.

These two bills are not effective yet. They must undergo a congressional review under the city’s limited Home Rule Charter before they become laws (=30 legislative days).


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