Thursday, 08 March 2012 22:42

East Lansing Celebrates The 40th Anniversary Of Anti-Discrimination Law

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A city in Michigan celebrates the 40th birthday of the anti-discrimination based on sexual orientation law.

Forty years ago, the city of adopted a law protecting LGBT people against discriminations becoming the first city of United States to pass it.

On March 7, 1972, at the urging of the Gay Liberation Movement student group at Michigan State University, the city adopted a law prohibiting the firing or discrimination of a person based on 'sex or homosexuality', the AmericanIndependant told.

"Outside of East Lansing and the 17 cities that have passed similar ordinances in Michigan, it’s still legal in our state to fire someone for being gay," Mayor Pro Tem Nathan Triplett told The American Independent.

"That’s entirely unacceptable. It’s also ironic and tragic that at the very moment we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of our groundbreaking policy, there is a bill pending in the state legislature that would void our human relations ordinance and in effect legalize discrimination against LGBT people in East Lansing."