Tuesday, 25 January 2011 01:04

Equality Rally Against HB74

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In Wyoming, the House Bill 74 prohibiting the gay recognition of the marriages celebrated outside the state and which passed recently its two first votes in the House of Representatives, was highly disputed by militants who organized an "equality rally".


Kate McLemore at the origin of this rally said she organized it to prove in Wyoming that the citizens apart from Cheyenne oppose the invoice.


According to Trib, participants held signs that said "Civil rights for Wyomingites" and "Protect our people like we protect guns" and waved to passersby on Center Street. They said most of the reaction was positive.

It seems that this legislature does not represent at all what the community wants.

"All the social conservatives ran on a platform of no more government intrusion," Kandt said. "They're not consistent with the philosophy that got them elected. We just need to not mess with the laws until the Supreme Court deals with it."