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Tuesday, 22 January 2013 02:32

Exploring Gender: January News

Written by  Cael

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Your monthly review of trans* news.

Victory for Transgender Privacy: TSA Abandons Nude Body Scanners

I have talked a lot about travelling while trans*. There are so many issues with documentation and safety, but the TSA has decided to remove all body scanners from American airports. These scanners often led to problems for trans* fliers, many opting to submit to thorough pat-downs instead of succumb to the nearly-nude scans.

“MHP” Transgender Report Nominated for GLAAD Media Award

The fabulous Melissa Harris-Perry report I discussed a few months ago, “Being Transgender in America,” has been nominated for a well-deserved GLAAD media award. From her opening of the segment: “For a lot of people, identity is straightforward. I’m black; I’m a woman; and I am cis. Not a sister in this instance, but cis. Being cis means that the sex of the body I was born with, the gender I was assigned at birth, and my personal identity all match. And being cis does not make me “normal” or “natural.” It just makes me, well, cis.” Check out the full segment at the link above, featuring the lovely Kate Bornstein, author of Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us and other works, and Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Guy Talk: Why a Straight Guy Like Me Cares about Transgender Rights

In response to the UK’s Guardian publishing an extremely derogatory editorial about transgender people, Dan Soloman wrote about why he thinks trans* rights are so important: “Compassion is important, and straight, white cisgender dudes like me ought to have a very strong sense of it, since everyone else tends to treat us pretty well (at least when compared to people from similar backgrounds who aren’t those things). If you’re a compassionate person, the fact that transgender people live under a constant threat of violence should stir you. The stories of the challenges even the more privileged trans people face when they come out should move you. The fear that accompanies the moment when they tell their story to the people they love should bring out your compassion. But it goes beyond compassion. Compassion is good, but compassion also means that it’s always someone else’s struggle.” I definitely recommend taking a look at his words.

What news have you seen that I may have overlooked? What are your thoughts on Dan Soloman’s defense for trans* rights? Let me know in the comments, on tumblr, or email me.

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