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Terry McAuliffe



As Georgia governor, Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed a legislation that would have helped protect opponents of equal marriage.

Thursday, 31 March 2016 23:32

Mississippi Senate Debates A Religious Protection Bill

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Just as in Virginia and in Georgia, Mississippi is also facing a bill that would oppose same-sex couples wishing to marry.

Gov Deal


A few weeks ago, I was talking about the Pastor protection act that Republicans wanted to pass in the state of Georgia. The act provides additional protection to pastors allowing them not to perform marriages between same-sex couples. Subsequently, a Senate committee had made a change in the law by adding a section prohibiting the government to prosecute any person or business that discriminates against LGBT persons because of their religion.

Well, today is good news that scans for the moment our concern about this law since the Republican governor has decided to veto the bill.

susan lynn


The Tennessee House of Representatives adopted a motion that defines the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States to legalize equal marriage as inapplicable in the state since not respecting the law and not respecting the will of the people of Tennessee.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016 01:19

Senators From Missouri Approve The Religious Exemption

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In Missouri, Republican senators obtained, by a 23-9 vote, the opportunity to introduce a bill that would prohibit the government to prosecute individuals and any businesses that would refuse to serve or to provide goods for marriage ceremonies or celebrations of same-sex couples based on their religious beliefs.

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