Tuesday, 18 March 2014 22:38

Five Challenges Launched To Legalize Marriage Equality In Indiana

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Last week, we were glad to learn that, considering the bill prohibiting same-sex marriage was not going to go to the 2014 ballot in Indiana, same-sex couples had then gone on the offensive and had launched a challenge to try to legalize the equal marriage. A few days later, four other challenges were launched in Indiana!

Thus besides the challenge launched by four couples as we had seen, the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana institute proceedings with five gay and lesbian couples and 3 other plaintiffs including 2 children and their parents, in the federal court of Indianapolis against the marriage equality ban stipulating that this one denies legal protections, tax advantages and other benefits to the couples.

A third lawsuit was filed by a lesbian couple.

A fourth lawsuit was filed by four lesbian couples against the ban too.

Finally, at the beginning of the week, Lambda Legal, a national gay rights group, also filed a fifth lawsuit with three lesbian couples.

Apparently, all these lawsuits could be consolidated into a single challenge, as Ken Falk, chief legal counsel for the ACLU of Indiana, told The News Sentinel.