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Wednesday, 17 February 2016 00:45

Florida Lawmakers Poised To Vote Bills Related To The LGBT Community

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Several bills related to the LGBT community are about to be voted or not by Florida lawmakers.

First, lawmakers will review a law that would allow a lesbian mother to be registered as a "parent" on birth certificates, and not by the term "dad", but it seems that the chances are thin of seeing this legislation passed. Florida is one of four states that has not yet amended birth certificates to make them gender-neutral.

Yesterday I was talking about the "Pastors Protection Act" in Georgia. Florida would also implement such legislation. This protection act would also allow, like in Georgia, pastors to refuse to perform marriages between same-sex people.

Again, the bill takes into account the fact that the First Amendment already protects these religious leaders, but the new law would directly target the ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Finally the third and final legislation that will be introduced is the equal marriage ban, which is still on the agenda in Florida even if it seems to be completely doomed according to The Sun-SentinelThe Sun-Sentinel. You should know that this latter bill was not heard by a committee unlike the other bills. The state representatives know that this initiative would cost $455,000. Also, we must not forget that 2016 is an election year and therefore the Republicans do not want to debate on issues which could cost them some votes.


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