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Friday, 14 September 2012 15:18

For Republicans Tammy Baldwin Has No 'Heartland Values' Because She Danced During A Gay Pride

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tammy baldwin

A small touch of bigotry before the weekend: Campaign’s senior communications adviser Brian Nemoir of the Republican candidate to the Senate Tommy Thompson attacked the sexual orientation of Tammy Baldwin, rival of Thompson, by judging her "heartland values". But what did she do !?!


She just danced during a Gay Pride.

Nemoir twitted: "Yesterday, Madison-Liberal Tammy Baldwin cited “heartland values” as the topic for her primetime speech to the DNC tomorrow night.

"Clearly, there’s no one better positioned to talk “heartland values” than Tammy."

The whole was followed of a link to a video of Baldwin dancing at a Gay Pride.

Mike Tate, chairman of the Democratic party of Wisconsin, calls on Thompson to fire Nemoir: "Thompson needs to start telling the truth and he needs to show Brian Nemoir the door.

"Today we are calling on Tommy Thompson to do the right thing and take responsibility for his divisive campaign and reject the personal attacks that are out of touch with our Wisconsin values.

"It is time to hold him accountable for his record, the positions he takes and what his campaign does and says. If Tommy Thompson is afraid of standing up to his own political handlers then what makes anyone believe he will stand up for us in Wisconsin."

Even if Thompson said that Nemoir "shouldn’t’ have done it" in an official statement, he will not fired him, Thompson having already said, for example, thatit was ok to fire employees because they are gay.

Once again a not very interesting attack by Republicans.


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