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Monday, 31 July 2017 21:53

Founder & CEO of Micheala Mendelsohn reacts to Trump's trans military ban

Written by  Mona Elyafi




Michaela Mendelsohn, CEO of one of the largest El Pollo Loco franchises in the country and the founder of the California Transgender Work ProjectTransgender Work Project (CTWP) - a program formed with the mission of promoting a trans positive work climate throughout the state of California, is speaking up about President Trump’s decision to ban transgender individuals from the military.

Michaela Mendelsohn

The Transgender activist released the following statement with a call to action:

"Wednesday morning, we woke to a terrifying reality. After many years of effort, our hard-fought right for transgender people to participate in the military seemed to disappear with the early morning tweets of President Donald Trump. Though this will be seen by many as a "tactic of distraction" by a White House in turmoil, in reality, it is part of a larger plan to take away the earned rights of transgender individuals.

Estimates as high as 15,000 transgender individuals serve, on active duty,in the Guard or Reserve forces.[2] These are supremely brave individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving the American people.

We cannot predict what will come of Trump’s erratic rhetoric. But we see clearly the urgency of working with businesses and the private sector to ensure employment security for transgender individuals.

Let it be clear: TransCanWork today renews and amplifies its commitment to promoting a trans positive work climate throughout the state of California. Help us spread our work throughout the country.

Michelle Obama once famously said, "When they go low, we go high." When the Trump Administration wants to move backward, we’ll dedicate ourselves to moving forward.

Join us our movement and help us to expand our support of transgender individuals to change from lives of fear and insecurity and discover the bright future we all deserve.

Let's show America that TransCanWorkTransCanWork for everyone."


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