Thursday, 25 November 2010 00:26

Fox News Has Refused To Broadcast An Ad Promoting The End Of DADT

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Fow News refused to broadcast an advert asking the end of «Don't Ask, Don't Tell».

In this ad, we can see some Canadian and Australian military leaders saying the lifting of bans in their country was a «non-event" and did not hurt the military.

In its defense, FoxNews said it was not worth making an advert on a law that is almost over (except that the law is not repealed yet!).

«I am surprised that Fox News would reject an ad featuring allied generals, given that both host Bill O’Reilly and guest contributor Liz Cheney have expressed support for open gay service.

«This is an important time for input from all sides on this issue, and I hope Fox will reconsider,» said Aaron Belkin, the director of Palm Center who created the ad.

But this is not the end of the advert, the executive director of the Palm Center, Christopher Neff, is already talking with other news channels to broadcast it.