Monday, 26 March 2012 22:47

Gay And Lesbian Mass Wedding In Ohio

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To send a message to the State of Ohio so that this one legalizes the gay marriage, more than 200 gay and lesbian couples gathered Saturday creating what they called the "largest illegal mass wedding ever held."

According to The Plain Dealer, eight priests and ministers recited marriage vows to couples of all ages. The afternoon ceremony followed more than an hour of speeches by activists on the steps of Cleveland City Hall, where a gay pride flag flew under the American flag.

"Old gay couples have problems because the state will not sanction their marriage like inheritances or social security benefits," she said. "These are things that are freely given to male-female couples."

Mark Szabo, 31, of Rocky River, later said such rights are denied same sex couples who have been together for decades, yet would be offered to someone like "Britney Spears who was married for 55 minutes."

The things could advanced soon in Ohio because as said in a press release Ed Mullen, executive director of Equality Ohio, the 2014 Gay Games will take place in the state.