Tuesday, 04 March 2014 19:29

Gay Councilman Chris Anderson Challenges Petition Against Equal Benefits In Chattanooga

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A few months ago, we followed the case of Chattanooga where the City Council had approved a measure allowing to the partners of LGBT city employees to obtain the same benefits as the other employees.

After this approval, the opponents to this law gathered sufficient signatures to block it.

As a result, the choice must be submitted to a referendum but it was not counting on the gay Councilman Chris Anderson who decided to bring the matter to court.

Anderson is the person who introduced the bill in Chattanooga.

According to Wmot, Anderson says the state law allows discrimination because petitioners aren't required to state a reason for recalling an official.

Activist Charlie Wysong, who is helping with the recall efforts, told the Chattanooga Times Free Press that the petition stems from the public's dissatisfaction with Anderson's performance in office.

Anderson finds himself against a whole city but I hope that the LGBT community of Chattanooga will win their case.

The first hearing should begin on March 10.