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Wednesday, 19 October 2011 22:18

Gay Marriage In Danger In Iowa

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Gay marriage is perhaps in danger in Iowa. The election for the seat of senator in sector 18 can give the control of the senate to the Republicans.

For the moment, the senate is controlled by the Democrats and Michael Gronstal, the leader of this majority, already stopped a law which would ban gay marriage in the constitution on several occasions.

The Republican candidate, Cindy Golding, would wish a vote on marriage equality:

"I believe the issue is that the people of Iowa need to vote on it and we need to put the issue to rest, because it is a very divisive issue and we have so many issues in this state that are much more important for our economy, for the families, for business, that this issue needs to be put to rest."

The Democrat candidate, Liz Mathis, does not seem so worried by the situation:

"In the 400-plus calls that I’ve made to the constituents in District 18, not one person, not one, has asked me what my stance is on gay marriage. I think this is a lot of media hype over what is important to people in District 18."

Unfortunately, according to a recent survey, "50% of Iowans would vote for a ban on same-sex marriage while 43% would vote against it. Though voters seem to reject same-sex marriage, 67% support equal rights for same-sex couples either through marriage (37 %) or civil unions (30%). Only 29% said same-sex couples should have no legal recognition."


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