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Thursday, 15 December 2011 18:30

Gay Marriage Legislation Will Legalize Marriages Between A Person And A Building

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Here a "small" amount of bigotry for this end of the year which approaches! American Family Association, American evangelic organization, thinks that if gay marriage is adopted then nothing will prevent the marriage between a person and a building, a car or an animal.

It is not the first time conservatives are ridiculous, it even became their speciality. Recently, Michele Bachmann had said the legalization of gay marriage would then make it possible to marry objects like the Eiffel Tower. Cool!

Lately, it is thus the director of American Family Association, Buster Wilson, who, during a radio program, said that once the legalization of gay marriage will be possible, nothing would not prevent people from wanting to marry "a building, a car or a dog."

He added the most seriously possible: "If we fight with strength for the traditional marriage, it is not because we are homophobe and that we hate homosexuals. It is that this state of mind which is imposed in United States, if we yielded to it, it would open the door to everything" and in particular to polygamy and polyamour.

"We already spoke about people who publicly stated their desire to marry, one with a building, the other with a car, and another with his dog. It is simply incredible, if you throw over edge the limits, if one removes any Christianity to guide our nation in its decisions, then all is allowed."

And here the video:

We cannot even answer this kind of stupidities or maybe we could just ask why they want to marry opposite-things, why not 2 buildings, 2 cars or 2 dogs together?


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