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Wednesday, 09 October 2013 22:24

Georgia DMV Refuses A Married Lesbian Couple To Change Their Name On Their Driving Licenses

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georgia dmv lesbian couple


Employees at a Georgia Department of Driver Services office refuse a name change on a driving license to a lesbian recently married even though her wife could do it.

Normally, the state of Georgia does not allow same-sex couples to change their name on their driving license if they are married because the constitution prohibits state agencies from accepting same-sex marriage documents.

But when Shakira McCollum-Tucker asked to change her name, the Georgia DMV accepted her application. Then when Danielle McCollum-Tucker wanted to follow suit, her request was refused.

The employees state to have made a mistake with Sharika. Of course, employees are not responsible of the law and have to obey it but Danielle had been floored by the refusal.

"I was angry," Danielle told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "I was shaking."

"It was probably the worst feeling I had ever had in my entire life. I told her they were discriminating against me … I was shocked. I had never been [so] openly discriminated against."

The couple launched a petition to try to change the things in Georgia: Georgia DMV: Let same-sex married couples change our last names!

"Because the Supreme Court overruled the Defense of Marriage Act, Shak and I can change our passports, social security ID cards, and credit cards and even file joint tax returns. It just doesn’t make sense that we can do all these things, but we can’t have the same last name on our driver’s licenses."

Georgia is not the only state which prohibits this kind of application because Tennessee and Florida follow suit.


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