Friday, 15 July 2011 23:25

Governor Said Discrimination Is Good For Economy

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The Governor of Tennessee doesn't want to stop the discrimination because he thinks it could have a negative impact on the economy.

Of couse, he never thought that giving more rights to LGBT people will develop the economy. But Gov. Bill Haslam decided to sign a bill in May to void the law who stopped employers and others to discriminate LGBT people.

The City Paper interviewed Haslam who is clear, he is "not in favor of gay marriage," but he doesn't really know what is a discrimination, and when the journalist asked him about businesses adopting nondiscrimination policies and the fact that gay people could be discriminated, Haslam said:

- "Again, it depends. How are you defining discrimination? You could say I’m discriminating already because I’m saying I’m not for gay marriage. Is that discriminating?

- Yes, answered the journalist.

- Is it? OK, then I’m drawing a line there. But I’m not going to draw a line when it comes to hiring practices that I’m involved in."