Thursday, 28 April 2011 15:52

Hate Crime In A McDonald's Shocked United-States

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Chrissy Lee Polis, a 22 years old transgender, was violently beaten in McDonald's in Rosedale, Maryland and none of the employees reacted. The attackers are two teenagers of 14 and 18 years old.

If we watch the video of the attack, we can see with which violence the two teenagers struck Polis, only an old woman and an employee tried to stop them when the other employees were, as we can hear it in the video, rather amused by the scene and nobody try to help her when she started to convulse.

It is not sure that this aggression has something to do with the identity or the sexuality of the victim.

According to Polis, which appeared in a video of Baltimore Sun, a man would have approached her when she wished to use the toilets of McDonald's in a pressing way. One of the two girls then came towards her to spit to her in the face: “You try to speak to my guy” she would have launched to her.

Each one having its version, a man who filmed the scene, gave a different version on his YouTube's profile: “When we asked her to leave the toilets of the women, she was haughty and the girls started to beat her” he wrote speaking about Chrissy.

"To tell the truth, I think that they wanted simply to fight this evening," suggests the victim in Baltimore Sun." I am afraid to leave now because of that."

The employee who filmed the scene was fired, the attacker of 14 years old will be judged in front of the minor court and the other, 18 years old, will be judged for aggression. According to Baltimore Sun, this last one would already have been implied in a similar incident in July 2010 in the same McDonald's.

This aggression happened after the law HB 235 was rejected by the senate at the beginning of the month. This law wanted to protect from discrimination in housing, employment and to obtain a bank loan on the basis of sexual identity. No link with this aggression except that it could push the law to be studied again with the prohibition of discrimination in public places added.