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Thursday, 25 February 2016 23:06

Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders: Still Wondering Who Is The Greatest Supporter Of LGBT rights

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The battle also continues between the Democratic primary candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Before the primary officially start, we saw that Sanders and Clinton already clashed over who was the greatest supporter of LGBTQ rights.

Now, the battle between the two candidates from the Democrats clan has intensified since the results do not clearly show a winner. So, not again! Sanders highlights the fact that he was in favor of the equal marriage before Clinton and she highlights the fact that she is endorsed by pro-LGBT organizations.

Indeed, Clinton has won endorsements from the Human Rights Campaign, the Lesbian Political Action Committee, Equality California and SC Equality Coalition and Bernie Sanders is a little bit jealous.

"I, like many Americans, have evolved… and I’m glad I have," Clinton said.

"I am a 100% supporter and I am absolutely adamant about protecting marriage equality.

"I think it’s significant that the Human Rights Campaign, the leading organization in our country to ensure that the LGBT community has the rights they deserve, have endorsed me.

"Now your candidate said: ‘well, that’s because they’re a member of the establishment’.

"With all due respect, they fight against the establishment every single day. And I’ve been with them for years and I will pass the Equality Act too."

It is true that she has supported same-sex marriage in the beginning. Many, like us, have criticized her and even said that her support was only a tactic to win votes. What is possible. But Bernie has lost memory because in fact he did not initially supported the equal marriage too.

In the early 2000s, Sanders did not want marriage for same-sex couples. He was simply favorable to civil unions. Finally, in 2009, he changed his mind.

As for Hillary Clinton, she also opposed to same-sex marriage before changing her point of view in 2013.


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