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Friday, 24 January 2014 00:00

Houston Lesbian Mayor Annise Parker Got Married

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annise parker wedding


Houston Mayor Annise Parker has married her partner for 23 years and in Texas, nobody cares. Awesome!

The news appeared on the front page of the American media! The first lesbian mayor of an American big city got married and even the conservatives congratulated her! A very very good sign before the first lawsuit against the marriage equality ban in the state which will start in February.

"At some point I fully intend to marry her," Parker told The Houston Chronicle. "I will say that when the Supreme Court ruling came down, the first person to call me was my youngest daughter, who said, 'Does this mean you're going to go out and marry mommy now?' And I said, 'Well it doesn't exactly mean that because it doesn't change everything.' But, you know, I also am conscious of the messages I send to my own kids."

The population of Texas shows more and more support in favour of the law. That does not represent the majority yet but a University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll recently showed that 40% of people in Texas are in favour of same-sex marriage and 30% in favour of a civil union for same-gender people.


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