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Wednesday, 09 November 2016 00:24

InterVarsity USA Plans To Fire Any Employee Who Would Support The LGBTQ Identity And Marriage Equality

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Time magazine reveals InterVarsity USA, an influential Christian organization in American universities, plans to fire all employees who would support the equal marriage and LGBTQ people.

In a document entitled "Theology of Human Sexuality" who gets the new theology of the organization, InterVarsity specifies that staff should be in agreement with this theology which clearly states that same-sex relationships are morally wrong.

The organization also states that it is not a question of what staff can and cannot do or teach as it comes to university, but personal opinion; and anyone who disagrees with that is asked to report themselves and to resign as soon as possible.

This is apparently the first time InterVarsity goes so far in its theology. Previously, the organization just asked its staff to follow Christian beliefs in general. Now they ask them to strictly follow the articles listed in this new document.

Many staff members were outraged to know that they finally no longer had the right to think for themselves. Besides, InterVarsity students have launched petitions requesting that the policy be canceled, many authors writing for InterVaristy Press have joined the movement.


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