Tuesday, 24 November 2015 21:57

It's Official, Salt Lake City Has Elected Its First Openly Lesbian Mayor

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It is finally confirmed, Salt Lake City has elected an openly lesbian mayor for the first time! Congratulations to Jackie Biskupski who won a historic victory here!

It is good to see Utah is changing. A few years ago, it was still the worst state for the LGBT community.

The campaign for mayor opposed both Democrats, Jackie Biskupski and incumbent mayor Ralph Becker. Biskupski won with 19.846 votes (51.5%) against 18.702 (47.8%).

Biskupski is accustomed to firsts since she had already become the first openly gay lawmaker of the state in 1999.

But if Biskupski is the first gay mayor of Salt Lake City, it is not the first in the state. In 2001, Willy Marshall was elected mayor of Big Water.

The group Equality Utah welcomed the victory: "Her victory sends a powerful message to all LGBTQ Utahns that their sexual orientation will never be a limitation to public service. We look forward to working alongside Mayor-elect Biskupski to advance policies that will benefit all Utahns,” executive director, Troy Williams, said.

Photo by Chris Detrick (The Salt Lake Tribune)