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Friday, 03 July 2015 16:30

Kansas Republican Governor Is Considering Extending The Religious Objections Law Following The Legalization Of Equal Marriage

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Sam Brownback




Kansas Governor Sam Brownback would like to establish a new religious protection law to block LGBT rights.

In Kansas, certainly the equal marriage is now a reality, but the list of inequalities towards the LGBT community is quite long.

As detailed in The Kansas City Star, the state is not allowing gay and lesbian spouses to change their names on driver’s licenses, nor has it said whether couples can file joint income tax returns. The state has not extended coverage to gay spouses under its health insurance plan for government workers. There is also no protection against discrimination in hiring and in employment since Governor Brownback did cancel the decree that allowed these protections and which was adopted in 2007 by former Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

Apparently the current law only allows national and local government agencies to appeal to religious protection. Brownback wants this law to be accessible to businesses, churches and individuals.

For now, however, know that this bill is not expected until at least next year.

«It’s a continued attempt to deny gay and lesbian Kansans our constitutional rights,» executive director of Equality Kansas Tom Witt said. «This is not foot-dragging any more. This is just defiance.»


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