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Monday, 06 April 2015 15:45

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear Believes That Marriage Equality Bans Can't Be Discriminatory As Straight People Can't Have A Same-Sex Marriage Too

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KY Governor Steve Beshear



We are in a month of bigotry! After the governor of Indiana who considered as non-discriminatory a law allowing businesses and churches not to serve LGBT persons, now it's Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear who thinks that banning same-sex marriage is not discriminatory because a straight person cannot marry a same-sex person too. Yes, Steve is pretty high up in the scale of bigotry.

It is in a brief to the US Supreme Court that Governor Beshear said that the same-sex marriage ban could not be discriminatory since «men and women, whether heterosexual or homosexual, cannot marry persons of the same sex.»

We sometimes meet a heterosexual woman who is dating a lesbian. I'm sure if she wants to marry her and she cannot because of a law, she will find it very, very discriminatory.


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