Thursday, 09 June 2011 00:27

Kentucky Unitarian Minister Stopped Marriage Licences Signatures Until Gay Marriage Pass

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Unitarian Minister of Kentucky stated she doesn't want to sign marriage licences anymore as long as the state will not legalize gay marriage.


It is all the congregation of the church of the Reverend Cooley in Louisville who supports the marriage equality. During a vote last Sunday, they decided their minister would not deliver licenses of marriage anymore “until Kentucky ceases to discriminate against same-sex couples with respect to civil marriage.”

On her blog, reverend Cooley has specified she will continue to perform the ceremonies of marriage for straight and gay couples but she will not sign. She even asked straight couples, which can have the signature by a justice of the peace, to support the action by letting their licenses unsigned, « stand with gay and lesbian couples and not participate in civil marriage until it is a civil right.”