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Tuesday, 15 May 2012 15:13

Las Vegas Lesbian Couple Crowned Prom King And Queen

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noel marie kot miranda haeick

Noel-Marie Kot and Miranda Haeick came out at the Northwest Career and Technical Academy in Las Vegas in February and were elected king and queen during the ball.

"No girl wants to be ’king’. But since I’m a little more outspoken than my girlfriend, we felt I would be able to handle everything that came with the title -- good and bad," said Noel-Marie.

"Personally, I think the world of both Noel-Marie and Miranda. They are both exceptional young ladies," said John Arfuso, one of their teachers, "As for their being nominated and eventually voted prom king and queen, I have always been a proponent of letting people decide and voice their opinions on their own without being suppressed. In this case, the students of NWCTA voiced their opinions and sent out a resounding message that they could care less about gender in terms of our prom... Had the general populace of the school been non-supportive, they simply would not have voted in favor of them winning."

Of course, not everyone agreed but it does not matter, the majority was in favor of Noel-Marie and Miranda.

"The fact that Noel-Marie and Miranda remained true to themselves is very commendable and is almost certain to help pave the way for future students struggling with self-acceptance issues throughout our nation’s educational environment," saud L. Champeau, a health education specialist at the school.


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